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Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
you not vote for, john cornyn. if the republicans gain control of the senate -- you have said twice, on two occasions, he would not guarantee you would support john cornyn. that is because your money comes from jim demint. if you are interested texas, how could do not support our senior senator majority leader in the abandoned the majority party if the republican party? you'll not commit to him. >> mr. cruz? >> if mr. sadler suggests that as a criteria voters should use, who will stand more closely with john cornyn, that is not a complicated question. john is enthusiastically supporting me with in this campaign. he is campaigning on the road with me. >> the question is whether you would support him. >> we will try one more time. >> would you vote for john cornyn as majority leader of the set? >> he is not running for majority leader. >> would you vote for him? >> i know you are believing you are cross-examining a witness to to just answer my question. yes or no. >> i know you are leaving -- yes or no. >> let me know when you are done. >> give me a response, what ever it is, and then
Sep 26, 2012 6:00am EDT
to local communities to find new ways to care for victims. i want to thank johns hopkins university, which will focus on how to best care for child victims. finally, as one of the largest purchasers of goods and services in the world, the united states government will lead by an example. we have taken steps to make sure our contractors do not engage in forced labor, and we will go further. i have signed a new executive order that raises the bar, that is specific about the prohibitions, and we're making clear that american tax dollars must never ever be used to support the trafficking of human beings. we will have zero tolerance. we mean what we say. we will enforce it. no government can meet this challenge alone. everybody has a responsibility. every nation can take action. modern anti-trafficking laws must be passed and enforced. victims must be cared for. the united states congress should renew the trafficking victims protection act. this is a no-brainer. we need to get that down. -- get that done. as nations, let's recommit to addressing the underlying forces that pushed so many into bo
Sep 27, 2012 1:00am EDT
. this is an article about a congressional race. john mckenna is pictured here with robert downey jr.. when there is a celebrity news article, people pay more attention. the iowa ledger is not a real paper. he is not a real candidate. we are not very familiar with iowa politics and i would journalism. people read this thinking it was true. for half of the respondents, i want to emphasize he was described as a democrat and half and he was described as a republican. we wanted to make sure these exist even if the of the mission goes against what you wish was true. next slide. all of these groups read the exact same article, with one small change. the first group, at -- it had a false claim not corrected. the second, the article had the same false claim but immediately after, it had a retraction. the third group, read the same article without the in -- without the misinformation or the correction. this is a typical piece of information you see in a campaign. this was a bad guy. he ran and i was drug rain. he was convicted of first-degree murder. this is a very negative claim. next slide. the co
Sep 26, 2012 8:00pm EDT
mentioned john stuart been normally, you can get a barometer of where the country is by the late-night comics. >> i thought you said comics. [laughter] >> i will let even get into the midst of that. >> but letterman is getting older and we will have a vacant chair at some point. [laughter] >> so what did jay leno say. >> they went from 8.3% to 8.1% and the reason was that three and 60,000 people dropped out of the work force entirely, stop looking for work, which is the only reason the numbers went down. nearly 400,000 people give up hope they could find work. so obama has a strategy for re- election which is encouraging even more people to stop looking for what. >> but the question is not whether the and employment rate is 8.1% or 8.3%. the question is whether it is better than when the president took office? >> absolutely not. when you have the worst employment participation in 30 years -- in the three and a half years of president obama tenure, gdp growth has been 1.5%. historically, for the last seven years, it has been 3.7%. we have had less than half the historical average
Sep 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
? will this approval process have to continue indefinitely, even as more partnering ramps up? >> first of all, john allen's order did not at that level restrict anything. it told subordinate commanders to assess their own situation in their own part of afghanistan, and they did that. i would suggest that what they did as part of that was buy themselves some time in order to determine whether we had to make any internal changes. that could be something as simple as reinforcing standards and discipline to adding potentially to the guardian angel program, and whenever it happens to be. that was all done, it seems to me, at the right level. it was not done at this level. it was done down where the boot meets the ground. the other thing that had to change was we needed buy-in from our afghan partners to make sure they were taking this as seriously as we did. i can tell you without hesitation they are taking this as seriously as we are and taking active measures to help us -- and them -- defeat this threat. i came back with a renewed sense that we can lower the risk of the insider threat. >> the percenta
Sep 25, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. an example, the john deere company developed a suite of farm tools that could be attached to a small tractor. the result has been a good investment for the company and a greater opportunity for african farmers who are able to grow more crops and provide for more plentiful lives of their own. for american foreign aid to become more effective, it has got to embrace the principles that you see in these global initiatives -- the power of partnerships, access to the transformative nature of free enterprise, and the leverage of the abundant resources that can come from the private sector. i believe there are three legitimate object of our foreign aid in this country. first is to address humanitarian needs. this is the case with petfar, which has given millions help. the second is to foster substantial united states' strategic interests, perhaps military, diplomatic, or economic. the third is one that has to receive more attention at a higher priority in the romney administration. that is something that elevates people and brings about lasting change in communities and nations. for example, a lot o
Sep 26, 2012 1:00am EDT
. john mccain himself says it starts with immigration. it is not the only issue. but how does the republican candidate run the gauntlet of a primary season in which region where there are attacks from the white -- from the right? we saw it with matt wittman. -- meg whitman. thegot attacked in primary. she bought out pete wilson and she wanted to deport her nanny by the end of the election. the hispanic vote turned out a dent in huge numbers for jerry brown who did very little to win their affections. >> we could easily be having this conversation about the democratic difficulties among whites. it would change -- if you have the candidate with half the hispanic vote, we would talk about why obama would drop from 42% whites to lower. a hurdle that is so high. the share of whites who have to win become the reagan-s. -- reagan-esque. >> hispanics are not attached to the democratic party the way african-americans are. we cannot just assume because there is a growth of spending votes that those of democratic votes. republicans who run for office did very well with hispanic voters. a
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)